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As we plod through uncertain times for businesses across multiple industries, those that emerge on top are often the ones that can streamline their processes to ensure economic success and stability. This usually is made possible through deep industry knowledge that can be utilized to develop actionable methods for continuing operations efficiently. Twenty Twenty Partners, a Southern California based B2B company, is well known throughout the industry for its ability to help businesses of all sizes expand to reach their full potential. Twenty Twenty partners excel in multiple areas of advising, spanning corporate advisory, capital advisory, M&A advisory, and more.

Twenty Twenty Partners realize that the COVID-19 health crisis has introduced a landscape for businesses that can be difficult to traverse for many. Companies that were huge forces in their industries have found their sphere of influence and economic stability greatly reduced, while some that have historically been smaller players in their field have seen unrivaled growth. With changes in the realities of business comes the inherent importance of avoiding stagnation. Through a clear strategic vision and deep industry knowledge, Twenty Twenty Partners ascertains the best ways to achieve growth and reap expansion opportunities within the market. The team has a wealth of experience monitoring industry trends and market conditions such as consumer behavior, commodities markets, and distribution networks. During the shifts inherent to the COVID-19 pandemic, this industry knowledge is integral to guiding clients towards their vision of success. Knowing what large companies need to facilitate to achieve value creation and what small companies need to break out in their industries is an asset when companies, big and small, have seen drastic changes that impact how they should operate.

A key facet of Twenty Twenty Partners’ success is their team. Twenty Twenty partners attract some of the best minds in business by providing them with an environment they can properly thrive within. By combining elements of business and academia, team members can grow, be rewarded for their hard work, and find their calling in the field of advising. Twenty Twenty Partners also empowers its team by utilizing a decision-making framework that allows them to use their best judgement when advising clients. The team has an ongoing commitment to learning and honing their craft, and the environment fosters and nurtures professionals that are always finding innovative ways to perform. Of course, the collaborative spirit of Twenty Twenty Partners benefits clients as well. Not only does Twenty Twenty Partners use their team’s ideology to establish strong client relationships, but it also ensures that they can determine unique approaches to consulting and strategic planning that are tailored to clients’ needs.

Twenty Twenty Partners acknowledges that now, more than ever, there is an emphasis on sharing knowledge and collaborating to inform and inspire others. As a resource in the advising space, Twenty Twenty Partners hopes to share information such as the impact of current events, consumer trends, and how companies can determine ways to grow within their respective industries.